Monday, December 29, 2008

Photo Blog!

Imported from birth blog.

Stuff for the hospital: pillows, backpack, Matt Nathanson tote with food/Gatorade stash, CDs and reading material.

One husband, one Nintendo DS, one husband camp-out chair.

Current vantage point. Soundtrack? Where The Light Is: Trio Set. (What else would I use to get myself in the mood to labor, I ask you?)


MommyWolf said...

Wow, I can see what I am in store for in just a couple of months! Thanks for the pic, you look really great!!!!! Good luck, smooth sailing, and I will be watching!

carroll said...

Husband with the DS in the Camp-out Chair! Too funny!! The Trio Set will get you pumped up! Those nurses won't know what hit them.

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