Monday, December 29, 2008

Birth Blogging

In a fit of geekdom and 21st century insanity, I have decided to liveblog the birth of the Bean.

As much as I can, I plan to update on progress, perhaps post a few pictures, and keep everyone updated on the arrival. If things go quiet for awhile, you can probably guess I'm either actively birthing or sleeping.

So far, the game plan goes as follows:

4pm: Call hospital; confirm arrival time.
5-7pm: Arrive at hospital, check-in, begin pre-induction treatment (likely low-dosage of Pitocin, for reasons to be explained later.)

7p-7a: Pre-induction.

7a-??: The Main Event!

Things to keep in mind:

1. This is my second child.
2. This is a planned induction.
3. I'm birthing in a hospital.
4. I'm attempting an unmedicated VBAC.
5. I may end up with a second c-section.
6. I'm not looking for advice.
7. I'm okay with everything in my plan so far, and I'm doing this for family and friends alike.

I love comments, but I will not be moderating anything, nor will I defend any decisions I've made. Explanations down the line, perhaps, but I won't change treatment decisions based upon random commentary. Please leave messages of support, and if I know who you are and we have a comfort level, then feel free to leave additional info. If this is the first time you've read my blog, I appreciate the sentiment but please limit yourself to positive that is what I most desperately need during this endeavor.

I am fairly camera shy -- at my last birth, I declined the "moments after birth" photo and I plan to do the same here. It's just not my taste. There will be pix of the babe, tho.

Wish me luck! (And if the whole thing goes to hell and the next you hear from me is an update on New Year's with birth stats, so be it.)


Sarah said...

Wish you luck, of course! All will be well....

Rhubarb (aka Sarah)

Meena said...

Hope everything goes well, Kate! I'll try to keep an eye on your blog so I can be praying. Luv u!