Monday, December 29, 2008

Just Another American Mom/Pre-Hospital Entry #1

Imported from my birth blog.

On my second time around the bend. This is a one-shot blog for all my friends and family, as I attempt a liveblogging experiment for the birth of my second child.

And now...the pre-hospital entry.

I feel much better today than I have in a very long time. I slept relatively well last night and the weather was beautiful -- in the 20's with lots of sunshine. I spent some time with my six year old firstborn today, and she is very excited to become a big sister.

We went out this afternoon to get some air and replenish her crayon and marker supply at Target, then grabbed a bit of lunch at her favorite spot (and frankly, it was fine with me, I want to make sure she's okay with me leaving for a few nights).

I swore I wouldn't do it, but at the request of a friend, here is the official Last Pregnant Picture. No really, that's all me. No basketballs or anything. Just one big ready-to-be-born Bean:


You look beautiful! I hope it all goes well. I'm rootin' for ya. -- Lindasue714

Awesome!!! Thanks for posting the pic! I love prebirth pictures. The female body is so amazing. You are definitely ready to give birth! GOOD LUCK!!! -- Carroll

Oh man, shortly that baby is gonna be expatriated! -- nekomimi

I come with no lame-o advice and nothing but love for you and the little bean - kudos to you for taking that picture! Down the line you'll be glad to have it. -- Cait

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