Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I had an ultrasound today. At this point I was supposedly 35 weeks.

The baby is measuring around 8 pounds and according to the tech, my first-week-of-January due date has been revised to "sometime before Christmas."

Okay, I knew the kid would come early but this? Is insane. We don't have a name finalized. We don't have a carseat installed, or Christmas shopping completed, or the crib assembled, or baby laundry done, or any of the other seventy zillion things I was supposed to get done between finals and babytime.

I have finals until the 20th. I just need to last until then.

Just until then.

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Christina said...

Hello - fellow Holidialies participant here (doing the at home version) and I just wanted to say - holy %$$##!! 8 lbs NOW? Yeah, you'd better deliver that child before the due date!

So sayeth the woman who's birthday is 1/3 and who's 8lb baby was born on his due date (so was the 6lb baby, but you've long ago passed that!)

I wish you much strength in the coming weeks.