Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hospital #5: All We Need Is Just A Little Patience...

So...we've been at this for about 15 hours, on the Pit for around 12. I'm now at level 8 and for whatever reason the contractions slowed down for awhile, then just decided to pick back up a bit -- they are coming on stronger, at about 4-5 minutes apart. I'm hoping things remain steady.

I forgot to say last night, but my cervix was around a 1 last night, still high and moderately thin. The nurse checked me around an hour ago and roughly no change. She's got a call in to my doc to see what's what in terms of our options.

This is a big crossroads for me. I don't want to think about the words failed induction just yet...I feel like I've made progress in terms of my contractions, but the point is that if my cervix isn't ready, ain't nothin' happenin' no matter what, and it's off to the OR I go if we're serious about having this baby (and we are). I think I'm just bracing myself for whatever news comes down the pike.

OK -- nurse just came in and said Dr. R. is coming down to check on me -- she's at the other hospital and needs to do some administrative stuff. I'm hoping she's here in a couple hours, and those couple hours will show some progress.


The good news is that the contractions are tolerable and mostly evenly spaced, and I feel pretty good physically. I'm wrapping my head around the thought of a repeat C-section, and I think I'm mostly okay with it. I just don't want to resign myself to it...just yet.

Thanks for all the good vibes, y'all...appreciated more than you could ever know.

Oh, by the way? If you ever get a chance to catch a show on USA Network called Burn Notice, check it out. We're on our second episode right now and so far it's pretty good. Plus? Bruce Campbell. Bonus points right there!


MommyWolf said...

I hope the couple of hours help and that progress is made!!!!

carroll said...

I'm glad to hear that the contractions are tolerable. Maybe you'll dilate some more by the time the doc gets there. Keep your hopes high and your spirits up...but in the end, all that matters is a safe and healthy mom and baby. You'll do great no matter what!

Cait said...

I'm actually glad to hear overnight was relatively uneventful - but here's hoping that cervix gets going ASAP!

lindasue said...

That cervix needs to get this show on the road! Hopefully, the extra couple of hours waiting on the doctor will help. It does know what it's supposed to do, right? When I had the boy, my cervix had no idea it was supposed to do anything. Neither did my pelvic bones. Stupid internal body parts. God should've given us special megaphones so we could yell instructions to them when necessary.

But I digress. As long as the end result is a happy, healthy baby and mommy, we don't care how she gets here. Keep your spirits up!

:Sending good vibes your way from sunny LA: