Friday, December 5, 2008

Crossing A Threshold

Once again, it's Holidailies time!

Hello, my name is Kate.

(Hi, Kate.)

I haven't decided whether I will just do the daily prompts on the Holidailies site, or if I'll branch off on my own. I hope to accomplish 20-25 posts this year, and considering the month I have before me, that will be a fair task. Today's prompt is to introduce myself.

It's funny how such a menial task can encompass so many things. I could tell you that I'm a law student, or a massive John Mayer fan, or a wife or a mother, but you can find those things out on my blog layout.

I could tell you some of my deepest, darkest secrets, but this is a public blog, and I honestly don't think anything in my life is that deep, dark or exciting.

I could share my family drama (of which there is plenty, and more coming down the road) but I'm not ready to discuss the latest dirt just yet.

So I'll simply say this: I crossed a threshold yesterday at the OB's which I didn't think I'd ever see in my lifetime. One that I am not proud of, that being 35 weeks pregnant does not assuage. It scares me. It has to do with my weight, and I'm having a hard time processing the fact. I weigh twice what some of the women in my law class weigh, and yes, I am currently housing two people, but the other person is about 2.5% of my current weight.

This is not encouraging.

The good news is that I'm fundamentally healthy, my blood pressure continues to astound my doctor (118/68 yesterday, thankyouverymuch) and all signs point to a healthy delivery at the end of this month.

Until then, I have five finals to study for, a Christmas to celebrate, a Girl who will turn six and a Boy who has the patience of a saint when I climb into bed at night. (No really. It takes me a good 3 minutes to get everything arranged properly and get comfortable. If you've ever been pregnant, you can relate.

If you get anything out of this post, it's that I am like the fly on the proverbial windshield -- this blog is me all over, and I am who I am. I hope you enjoy visiting my world for a little while, and please feel free to introduce yourself in my comments.

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