Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hospital #3: Rest and Respite

Last post for the evening. It's 12:40 and a little past my normal bedtime.

I'm up to 4 on the Pitocin (I started at 1) and I'm feeling good -- tolerating things well, and my pattern is good per the monitor. I'm told I'm in a holding pattern now -- unless things change of their own accord in the next 4-6 hours, they won't up the dosage. I can handle that.

So far, besides the indignity of a hospital gown and the stupidity of the hospital wifi blocking Facebook (and Pandora! Geez!) all is well. The nurses seem very nice, nobody has been in my face about much of anything (with the notable exception of Charge Nurse at the start) and I'm hoping for a quiet night. Time to break out the ambient mix and get comfy.

Plan for now? Rest, try and relax a bit, and look forward to the main event tomorrow. We got a fan in the room, so it's far less stuffy, and the white noise should help mask the machines that go *ping!*

Please continue sending your good vibes and good thoughts/prayers our way. I must be honest, this liveblog is not just a good diversion for me, it's really been a way to think through the entire process, and it has given me a good way to let out some steam. Writing is therapy for me, and reading everyone's good wishes and comments brings a smile to my face -- keeps me reminded of how blessed I am to have friends and family who care enough to keep up even in the wee hours.

More in the morning...


Cait said...

HOpe you're all sleeping well.

MommyWolf said...

I love this, it is as if I am there with you, which given our current situation, I wish I was! Can't wait to meet your new little one even if it is only over the net! Good luch again and I will check back as often as I can during work hours! Luv ya girl! Rah Rah in McKinley fashion, lol