Monday, December 29, 2008

Pre-Hospital Entry #2: Medical Bureaucracy

Imported from the birth blog.

Call #1 to hospital (4:10pm): Hello, I'm a patient of Dr. R.'s. What time should I come in for my pre-induction?

Nurse: I'm not sure, the charge nurse is in a meeting. We'll call you back in about 10 minutes.

Me: No problem, here's my number.

Call #2 (4:55pm): Hello, I'm a patient of Dr. R.'s. Tried calling about 45 minutes ago and got no call back, was just following up on when I should come in?

Nurse: Charge nurse is stuck in a delivery, but if nobody calls you back in 15 minutes, call us back again. Sorry about that!

Me: No problem, here's my number, and the phone is right by my side.

At least my insurance and pre-registry info is already verified...grrrr. Part of me understands that all babies want to get borned and they don't generally inform us of their timelines, but the other part of me (the impatient one that's been grousing the last 3 weeks) is all DAMNIT. L2MULTITASK, CHARGE NURSE! WHAT, YOU CAN'T TALK ON THE PHONE AND CATCH A BABY AT THE SAME TIME??

(I know, I know. I'm off to finish packing the last of my hospital crap.)

Update: 5:01pm Charge nurse calls back. Come in around 7pm. Whee!


Thank goodness they called you back! With my second, they told me to call at 5 a.m., then they said "Sorry, no room in the inn. Call back tomorrow." I called back the next day and they said, "Still no room. We'll call you when there's room. They called two days later and said, "Can you be here in 30 minutes?" -- Carroll

This is sounding eerily familiar. But I just know that you'll be faster than I was... I mean, it's like riding a bike right? -- Bho's Mom

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