Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hospital #4: Off to the Races

Not as much rest as I originally intended, but what I got will suffice. Hospital beds are uncomfortable, y'all! Give me my king-size pillowtop anyday.

Time moved slower than molasses in winter, so I broke out some music to make time go faster, and it did. Also turns out I had a change of staff overnight, and my new nurse decided to see what would happen if she turned the Pit up a notch.

It kept me up, is what happened. Apparently my contractions started to pile up, so they turned it back to 4 and there it remains. However, I can definitely feel the intensity picking up, despite the meds remaining at the same level from last night.

My husband is asleep right now...poor guy probably barely got any rest. I take it in stride...I don't think I worry as much about my energy level as his. I know I'll be exhausted after all is said and done...I want him to go home and get some real rest tonight, I think. Our daughter needs to see him, and I won't mind being alone with the baby for a little while. Once the baby is home I'll rest.

Another fun tidbit -- we had 2 nurses in here over the last 15-20 minutes trying to find the bean on the monitor. Apparently she loves to play hide and seek with the monitors, and anytime I so much as twitch, they lose her on the monitor and come rushing in here trying to make sure she's not in distress. All they really have to do is look... she's kicking like a mofo and is still very active, so I am guessing things are a-ok down there.

More contractions soon, I'd suspect. I'm also guessing I'm due for another internal check here in a bit. Oh joy...pray for dilation, y'all...


carroll said...

Glad you made it through the night :) Hopefully you have started to dilate. Just think, you'll get to see and hold your little girl soon! Keep up the good work!

A's mama said...

Oooh, I love this... I reread everything from last night & you're in a great mood this morning! I'm be eager to hear if you're dilated. I'm hoping my prediction of a New Year's baby isn't coming true - keep up the good work!

chino-lover07 said...

Hope everything went ok/is going ok/will go ok. This little bean is ready to take over the world by now. =)

CrazyTiredMomma said...

You didn't mention yesterday if you dilated/effaced much, so I'm anxious to hear how things are this morning... Hang in there! It's the calm before the storm. Once things get moving, they get moving! :)

Gary said...

You should have your hubby connect to his company's VPN on your laptop. Then you'd be able to connect to facebook :)

Keep up the good work!

NETS said...

Hope things are progressing well. I have a feeling that I will be checking this site a million times today.
Keep up your positive attitude!!!
Love you.