Monday, December 29, 2008

Hospital #1: Oh For...

I have a serious dislike of hospitals.

Always have. Damnit, I'm not sick, I'm having a baby.

Arrived fine, in a decent mood. My husband is doing an admirable job of keeping me laughing. We had a bite at the BK across the street from the hospital parking ramp, and talked about all the things we felt differently about -- mostly that we're a bit older, a bit wiser, and generally more relaxed about this child than we were about our first. We're definitely less on edge about birth, and we're probably better equipped to handle some of the stress of a new baby. Does this make me less susceptible to PPD or any of the other crap that is the afterbirth? Probably not. Just more aware.

So now, I'm in a room in the hospital and I've been here for about 30 minutes...and I've already encountered about some of the reasons why I hate hospitals.

Nurse #1 puts us in the room. Husband makes himself comfortable on the Husband Chair and she gives me the standard "everything off, put this (hospital gown) on, blah blah blah. Cue reason #1: hospital gowns. Not only are they oh so flattering, but they remind me that I am no longer a person, I am a nameless Patient. I know it's probably stupid and overly personal, but I honestly feel dehumanized.

So I ask Nurse #1 "hey, I brought my own night shirt, do you mind?" She says "sure" with a confused look upon her face (as if this is the first time she's ever been questioned on this point) and I just explain that I'm much more comfortable that way.

Commence getting ready, then cue reason #2: pushy damned nurses. Charge Nurse walks in and goes "oh, I thought you'd be dressed." I reply "Oh, I just need to put the belly band on and I'm fine."

"Oh. Well, we're doing an IV tonight so you'll have to put a gown on..."

"Nurse #1 said this would be fine."

"She probably didn't know we were doing an IV tonight, so yeah, we do need you in a gown..."

Oh, for...

I suppose it's because they can get a gown off me with an IV in rather than having to wrestle my clothes off...despite the fact that the nightshirt I brought with me is a $15 special from Target which I could take, leave, shred or whatever. Not that I can think of a reason I'd need to be completely stripped in this situation, but whatev... Anyway.


So I'm in, and I'm hooked up to the monitor, and I've got the hospital wifi happening, which is awesome, except for the fact that Facebook is blocked. GAH! Seriously? It wasn't when I was here before, so yeah.

~~30 minutes later~~

Just spent the last bit of time getting my health history (re)taken and getting my cervix checked. Oh that's joyful! (Somehow, my doc never hurts...but all three nurses that have checked me in the last week have managed to give me a case of the serious OUCH.

And that's enough of that. IV to be inserted soon, then we're off for the Big Wait.


Hahaha! I can feel your pain...or at least remember it. Hang in there :) -- Carroll

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