Saturday, April 5, 2008

Utterly Random Free Association Blather

I received notice that I got a spot in the second section of the summer school class for which I was waitlisted. It's a 2-credit short course and it will be done by the first week of June. Kate is taking it with me, so I'm pretty jazzed.

I dropped Crim Pro for the summer. Too much other stuff I want to do, and I really want the girl to be home with me this summer. We're both burnt out on school and she could do with some quality mom time. This should motivate me to get out more with her as well as keep myself actively exploring my new environs. She's going to day camp 3 days a week when she's not traveling to grandparents and relatives. I want this summer to full-on rock. We all need it.

My summer reading (now that I am going to be law school free) is The Tale of Genji. Note to self: head down to the used bookstore and find a copy in order to promote re-use. Walk to store. Parking is horrible and useless, and walking will promote greener living and overall health. Alternative: ride bike.

Training is coming back to me like an old friend. It helps to have a new friend there with me.

January was the month of the mental.
February was the month of the academic.
March was the month of the physical.
April will be the month of the epicurean.

What shall I work on next?

Domestic, Spiritual, Literary, Sartorial, Financial, Motivational... my life feels so present and full of potential right now. I have a huge dichotomy going on: I feel like the active searching for a relationship with my family of origin (and really, what all that means to my foundation and my future) is pointing me toward getting my own house in order. In a way I'm trying to reconcile my past with what I want for myself.

Life is so fluid and intangible, yet riddled with rules and order and certain inflexibilities.

There is so much to learn in this life; it is a wonder anyone gets anything accomplished. I don't believe in business jargon, or mission and vision statements, but I do believe in goals. Resolutions falter, motivation wanes. Influence invades. If forced to boil my life's goal into one sentence it couldn't be as trite as "be a better person." That's too vague.

A tentative life goal: Open to change, accepting and mindful, constant in effort.

Is that too ambitious?

Today's Training
Virtual 5K (repeat of Thursday)
6 x 3/3 intervals (5.1/3.6 speed)
Total Time/Distance:42:30/3.1 miles
Overall, this felt better than Thursday. I beat my time by 3:20 and more importantly, was more consistent in the run. I got 1:30 into a 7th interval and just couldn't pull it out. Next time I will. A 7th interval will just about get me across the finish line. Once I can do that on a 3:3 comfortably, it's time to up the interval to a 4:2. Sooz says she's got a road race for us the end of the month, and I can't wait!

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