Thursday, April 3, 2008

Training Update: 4/1-4/3/2008

Forgot to add Tuesday's workout to my training log:

Warmup: 100 Free
Main Set: 4x200, 45 RI
Descending 100 (34, 31, 24.8, 24.4)
Cooldown: 100 Free
Total Yardage:1100

I felt good on this one - forcing myself to keep a tempo through the 200's was good practice. Altogether the times were fairly consistent. The descender was a pain in the butt - the first two were fine, then on the third, I thrashed it out and took too much time off. Overcompensated and lost my form on the fourth and ended up chopping big holes in the water instead of moving quickly and efficiently. Life lesson.

Today's Training:
Warmup: 150 (50 pull, 50 kick, 50 free)
Main Set: Down Ladder (400, 45 RI, 300, 45 RI, 200, 20 RI, 100) with descending pace
Cooldown: 50 Free, 50 Breast
Total Yardage:1250

The Down Ladder is a great pacing tool - if you know you have another 200 to go, you swim a little more conservatively. If you've only got 100 total, you push it. My times reflected that today - I'm really learning how to pace myself in the pool. Now that my form is coming back I'm better able to do some of the faster paces and sprints in the end of the workout, and that just bodes well for my ability to race this year.

Virtual 5K (treadmill) Time:46:30
Intervals: Six minutes at a 3/3 split x 6 (36 minutes), 2.4 miles, 3.4/4.9 split.
10:30 at 3.5-3.9 to finish last .7 miles.

I can tell that I was pushing a bit with the intervals. I need to work on getting a full 3/3 interval through the entire 5K, then maintaining that until it's second nature. Once that happens, I can "graduate" to a 4/2 and eventually a full 5/1. Once I've got the 5/1 down for a 5K, I'll go back to a 4/2 or a 3/3 and add distance, then work up to speed again. I need to be able to 5/1 a 10K if I have any hope of making it through an Olympic by the end of this year. I also need to remember my water bottle if I'm going to be doing this kind of distance. One of these days I'll run a "fast mile" and see how I do pacing myself. I think I could get under 12:00 if I knew all I had to do was run a mile and cross the line.

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