Thursday, April 24, 2008

Breaking Radio Silence

Wow, have I ever gone over a week without writing since I started this thing? Yikes. Busy week, apparently.

Since we last left our heroine, she has been busily accomplishing the following tasks:

Finishing her trial level memo, which involved Herculean efforts and many late nights, culminating with a Saturday night all-nighter, which turned into a Sunday morning bedtime of 5:45am and a grand total of 90 minutes of sleep.

Baking three kinds of quiche for her classmates for the trial memo breakfast buffet in order to stay awake (can't go to sleep if something's in the oven...)

Running out of eggs with which to make a banana bread; using the last frozen zucchini bread in its place (which defrosted and served beautifully after residing in the freezer since August).

Proceeding to thank heaven, stars, and Professor B for cutting Contracts class short in order to go home, nap for 2.5 hours, get up, and go with Ric to the Santana/Derek Trucks show.

Rocking out in the 12th row for said show, throughly enjoying both performers and falling in love with even MORE awesome music (as if that's possible). Two amazing guitar players (one new, one living legend) in one night. Smokin' hot blues/slide on one side, Latin fusion on the other. Just can't help but smile when the timbales and congas come out.

Making Ric buy girly beer.

Working like mad on memos for the last week.

Talking with Mom for a few hours and processing the fact that, yes, my parents are now officially divorced, and while better about it, it's not over for me. Knowing she's in a good place about it helps.

Gaining clarity and perspective on a lot of things, which I had hoped to do a long, long time ago. Understanding that it couldn't have come any sooner, and hoping that I've done what it takes to come out of this particular trial with a sense of maturity and a renewed purpose.

Re-ramping up my training, getting back in the pool and on the run...waiting for a good few days to get on the bike and enjoy some of the Minnesota hills we have 'round these parts. Timed a race pace 800 on Tuesday at 18:44 (2:20/100 pace. Not bad! Definitely getting better. Will continue to improve on that - would like to get down to a 2:00/100 pace for a 16 minute swim in the pool - hopefully that translates into an open water swim of about the same amount. Factors: no stop/turnaround every 25, no lane lines and more people/veering, not an exact distance, plus in/out time.)

Dealing with a reeeeeeeeeeally sore lower back, hoping it is from too much butt-in-seat studying and training, and not an injury.

Cooking dinner for my SIL and D., the classmate I set her up with a couple weeks ago. They claimed to have had a bad first date, which I found out last night was a double-sided PUNK on both their parts. And I was the victim. Apparently, they hit it off really well, had a great time, and are very happy to be seeing each other. Ungrateful little you-know-whats had the gall to come to my house and eat my food, and punk me.

At least D. fits in with Clan Thompson in that respect: we have a tendency to punk, practical joke, and surprise each other with regularity. Not only that, we're good at it.

I am happy they are hitting it off - she's a great girl, he's a really nice guy, and they both deserve some good times.

Song in my head: Africa Bamba, Santana

I heard this song for the first time at the Santana concert Sunday night, and remembered it because of the refrain "Ella, baila la portuguesa." My sis was a Brazilian exchange student and by proxy, I am sensitive to anything that says or purports to relate to Brazil or Portuguese. The song itself is so pretty and danceable - I looked up the lyrics, and was surprised to discover that my Spanish isn't so rusty that I couldn't translate them - and more importantly, translate the idioms (dar la luz literally means "to give light", but used in context means "childbirth.") Senoras C. y P. y Profesora R., gracias...something in my seven years of studying Spanish must have stuck.

The song just has a lovely meaning to it - I think I have found the first song on the Summer of Awesome soundtrack. Take a look (translation provided below):

Estoy llamando a todas las morenas
Y las llamada la viene da la luz
Con calma se baila esta danza
Y con amor canto yo esta cancion
Africa bamba ase a un lado a la tristeza
Y otra mas dulce no la podras encontrar
Oye eso te va sentir feliz

Ella baila la portugueza


I am talking to/calling on all the beautiful brunette ladies
And also those women/mothers who give birth
With calm confidence, you should dance this dance.
And with love, I sing this song.
Africa bamba - cast aside your sadness
And you will not find a sweeter one (song/dance)
Listen to it, and you will feel happy.

Girl, dance the Portuguese dance...

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