Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It's Memo Week, which explains my notable absence here. Law school is kicking my arse but good, and I can't help but feel overwhelmed that my first year has ended so quickly. Seems scary.

My parents' final divorce hearing is on Friday. I hope they are happier without each other than they were with. I hope Dad feels like he can move on. I hope Mom doesn't feel guilty or like a failure.

Mostly I hope they have the fortitude to shake hands, say goodbye, and let each other go. Not an easy thing to do after 33 years, one week and six days. But who's counting?

The girl is in the wait pool for Expensive Private School - we had an interview last month and unfortunately she did not get offered outright admission. As a veteran of the waitlist, I understand completely. The boy was devastated - I was less so. Mostly because the worry of the tuition price tag was just lifted. There's still a chance she could get in, and I certainly hope she does because no matter the struggle to pay the bill, it's a fantastic fit for her. "We believe Girl would thrive at EPS" said the quasi-rejection letter. I couldn't agree more.

We're now on the hunt for another school for her. School choice is such a double edged sword.

Off to outline and memo.

Yesterday's Training
Walked 3.2 miles with my sister in law outdoors. I desperately needed the sunshine and though the lake was still covered in thin ice, it was a glorious day.

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