Friday, April 11, 2008

Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat

My hair is long.

Really long.

Not quite Crystal Gale-long, but long. Past my bra strap long. I love it.

It is a weird brownish reddish blondish color that usually settles on normal brown after a few days without a wash. It's very very thick, coarsely textured, and in certain spots, has enough natural curl to border on kinky. It gets pretty wild at times but I have neither the skill nor the fortitude to wrestle my mane through a flat iron every damn day. I usually go for a trim and blow out every six weeks.

I plan to keep it long until such time as professionalism dictates that I cut it. I hope that whatever job I have as an attorney is one where they don't care how long my hair is.

I only wash it about once a week, despite my level of activity, mostly because I find if I rinse out the chlorine, and brush through it a couple times a day, it stays in good shape. I can ponytail it, braid it, or leave it loose. If I let it air dry in braids, the natural curl stays pretty well. It also gets really thick and voluminous. I'll be honest; I don't like my hair the day I wash it. Too flyaway for my tastes. My "best" hair is usually a day or two after I wash it- it's got enough oil worked through it to stand up to whatever I want to do to it; it's got body and shine, and it feels good - not heavy, not super light.

Fridays are a good day to wash my hair - and trust me, when you have hair as long as mine, it's a process. Here's how I do it:

Brush hair, remove all excess loose hair.
Comb with wide tooth comb, remove knots
Step into shower, wet hair, squeeze excess.
Wash with "defunktify" shampoo to remove excess oil, buildup and chlorine.
Wash with "Straighten Up" shampoo to add shine and a bit of weight; hopefully control a bit of kink and frizz.
Comb with wide tooth comb, remove knots and loose hair.
Squeeze excess water.
Condition with "Straighten Up" conditioner. Apply in sections. Leave in for 2-4 minutes whilst washing up the rest of me.
Rinse me.
Rinse hair until hands run through without catching on knots, continue to rinse until hair feels evenly conditioned.
Squeeze excess water.
Comb once again.
Bend over, apply towel to hair in "babushka" fashion, dry rest of me.
Leave towel on hair while finishing personal grooming and dressing. (At least 10 minutes)
Bend over, remove towel and rub hair a bit more.
Comb once again.
Apply leave-in conditioning lotion and comb yet again.
Braid or leave loose to air dry.
Comb yet again, brush once completely dry.

Repeat next Friday.

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