Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Girly Talk

This morning at the breakfast table, after a round of Idontwannagodaschooool (Mom 3, Girl 0):

Girl: Darn it!

Me: Girl, we don't say that. It's a grown up word. How about...pickles!

Girl: Darn it!

Me: Tartar sauce!

Girl: Darn it!

Me: Barnacles?

Girl: Mom, it's my new word and I want to use it! Darn it!


New words in her vocabulary: organizing, bloom, and ridiculous. "Ridiculous" has actually been with us for quite some time - since about age 2 1/2 - 3 or so. However, she now pronounces it correctly - it used to be "a-dick-a-yus." She still has a few baby steps to go with her speech - mostly mixing up m's and n's (nusic is a prime example) and she will substitute a "th" for an "f" at the end of a word ("stuth" instead of "stuff"). She also adds an "n" onto the front of "used to" (so it comes out noosed to).

Her mind is so alive. Light bulbs go on for her every day as she continues to explore the world. I see the evolution of her person, her sociological self - it happens month by month, sometimes week by week. She gets frustrated when we jump to conclusions and isn't afraid of letting us know when we simplyaren't listening. She is by and large a mindful child - at every center and school we've ever used, she's gotten exemplary praise from her teachers as to her ability to follow directions and mind the teacher. I think she'd go stir crazy if she didn't let out her disobedient side at home - nobody's perfect and we try not to pressure her in that way.

I once read that the parents' job is to give their child space to grow and become their own person. I couldn't agree more with that statement - too many times parents choose to live vicariously through their children, impressing their own lost dreams and desires upon them without regard for the child's feelings. Would I love the girl to be a world class pianist? Absolutely - she's got the fingers for it, no doubt. Would I love for her to take dance class and gymnastics? You bet - I wanted to be Mary Lou Retton, and I never bothered to ask my parents for dance class because I was convinced they would say no.

When she comes to me and asks if we can do something, or if she can take lessons on something - I think it will be my job to give her a hug, check the bank account, and say, "Yes. You can do that." And then help her see it through.

My thoughts are all over the place this morning - but it all comes down to wanting the best for my girl, and learning her inside as well as I know her outside.

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