Saturday, March 22, 2008

Voice Mail

"You've had this problem since I've known you. Since we were 17 years old. Don't tell me it's not my problem because it definitely affects me. Nobody gets under your skin like him. I see it every time you tell me 'So I talked to my Dad today.' It's like a weight is holding you down...I hate seeing you hurt, and he's hurting you. So you have to do something, because he probably doesn't know that there's even a problem. The ball's in your court, and unless you're honest with him, and with yourself, nothing's going to change."

The boy said these words to me during dinner tonight. I sat in front of him and wept.

My father tried to call today. I let the phone go to voice mail.

That was at 4:00.

I still haven't picked up the voice mail. It's 6:29.

I haven't decided whether I should listen or just erase it. Chances are that he's just calling to wish us a happy Easter. I think that's the problem.

The things that brought you to me
Now are the very things you hate
And it's becoming very clear to me
That you're the one that's changed
I used to think that we could make it last
That I would love you all my life
But when you tell me I'm not good enough
You know it's just not right

-I Won't- Keri Noble

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