Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh Good Lord, Not Again

This morning, the girl and I were lazing about in bed, talking about the day ahead, and not doing much to extract ourselves from our cocoon of blankets and pillows and warm bodies.

Once again, she asked.

"Mom, can I get a baby sister?"

Uhhh...well, see...ahem, well...why do you want a baby sister?

"'Cause Ruth has one and she gets to hold it." (Ruth is her best friend at school.)

So you want a little sister like Ruth?

"Yeah, and um, Ruth has a big sister too but I can't have one of them because I already was born so I just want a little sister."

I thought you wanted a little brother?

"No, well... I want a sister, I think."

And what would you want to call her?

"Josie! I like Josie. It's a nice name."

Yes. Yes it is. Okay, kiddo - time to get up out of bed.

Twice in a month. Good Lord.

And now for something completely different:Sooz and I went swimming at school today - it felt GREAT to get back into the pool. I may keep a training log here just for simplicity's sake. Doubt if I'll get deeper than just a list of what I did - if I do, I'll make it a training-specific entry.

Swim: 100 warmup, 5x100 free (30 sec RI), 50 kick, 50 cooldown. 30 mins total. 700 total distance

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