Thursday, March 27, 2008

Training Log - 3/27/08

Warmup: 100 free, 150 kick/pull/kick alternates
Main Set: 2x200, 45 second RI, 1x400 (all at race pace, last 50 of the 400 at sprint pace)
Total: 1050 yards

This felt AWESOME. A vast improvement over last week - I was dying on Tuesday about midway through my 3rd 200. Today, I was practically unphased after 2x200. We got to the pool a bit late and so I made the executive decision to turn my last 400 into a solid set. I got into such a groove, knowing I was swimming faster than I had on Tuesday. Knowing I was up against a time limit, I wanted to get my yardage in, so I sprinted the last 50 yards - perhaps not an all-out sprint, but I amped it up quite a bit. Nice to know I can still dig deep at the end of a long-ish set. Now if I can do it after an 800, then I'll be impressed. If I can do it after a 1600 I'll be freaking insane with glee!

Warmup: 5 minutes easy spin (low resistance)
Main Set: 20 minute tempo ride (normal cadence +/- 88 RPM, medium resistance)
Mini-Brick: 10 minutes run/walk
Cooldown: 5 minutes walk
Total: 40 minutes

OW! Bike butt! First time on a spinner since...the stone ages. 20 minutes at a normal cadence was enough for me today. The spinners don't have computers so I can't check my mileage, but the time felt good - and I'll throw some hill intervals on next time I have a standalone bike. For now as a swim followup, it was all good. My calves cramped up like nobody's business when I tried to run - so a nice long stretch will be in order tonight, and hopefully everything else loosens up in the next few days.

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