Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Cake Is A Lie, Redux (or, Happy Birthday, Sooz!)

We had a most enjoyable evening last night! It was Sooz's birthday and she was kind enough to invite a gaggle of her besties over to her boyfriend's house for a game night. It was awesome!

All of her friends are lovely people who are imaginitive, friendly and intelligent. Special props to the boy, who seemed comfortable enough to meet all these new people, and step out of his comfort zone for a rousing game of Cranium. Originally this was to be a video game night but Cranium finished at 11:30 and the both of us were bushed. (Past our bedtimes, yo.)

My contributions to the party (since one never shows up emptyhanded) were a bottle of Three Buck Chuck and this:

I reprised The Cake Is A Lie for Sooz because she, like the boy, is a gamer and would appreciate the Portal reference. Recipe below:

The Cake Is A Lie:

1 dozen cupcakes (homebaked or store-bought as a matter of taste and preference)
1 sheet CakeMate alphabetical birthday characters (must be the full alphabet)
Other decorations as desired.

Place one letter on each cupcake to spell out T-H-E C-A-K-E A. "IS" goes on one cupcake together, and "lie" is spelled L-I-3 (the letter set comes one "E" short.)

You may substitute "l33t" characters if the birthday gamer is sufficiently fluent in l33tsP3@K. Most of the time though, this birthday treat will have to be explained to those not in the know, and it's explanation enough without needing to explain "l33t" as well.

Happy Birthday, Sooz! You are an inspiration, academically, physically, mentally and emotionally. I'm so glad you decided to do the tri with me this summer - you're gonna rock on with your socks on. Except in the lake. Wet socks are never fun.

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