Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Good Day, Part Two

A good day... waking up on time, kissing your husband goodbye, and getting your child to school 30 minutes sooner than usual. the same child not fussing at you about what she's wearing to school, listening, and not being (overly) dramatic or sassy. getting out the door 30 minutes sooner, even having gotten a load in the wash and a load folded and (mostly) put away. getting Torts done in 2 1/2 hours whilst sitting at a coffee shop, under desperately needed sunlight. coming home, realizing you've got at least 4 hours before you have to pick up said child, but knowing your Target run resulted in the needed ingredients for dinner, and the kitchen can be cleaned in a matter of about 20 minutes. hearing John Hiatt on the radio, remembering how much you love that song, realizing how long it's been since you heard it, and just enjoying the moment rather than worrying about why you care so much. concentrating on the things you've gotten done, not on the things you've left undone. feeling a huge burden lifted, and the pain in my spine and neck tendons virtually gone. knowing I am in repair...I'm not together (but I'm getting there).

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Danielle said...

Hi Kate! I am going to interview you for the Great Interview Experiment! Excited?

Too much enthusiasm, punctuated with exclamation points!? Okay. I can tone it down.

Can you email me from here, or should I post my address? (I'm still sort of new to all of this...)

Nice to meet you!!