Sunday, January 20, 2008

Movie Review: The Bucket List

On our recent trip to Chicago, Kate, Sooz and I stopped off in the hometown to spend a (free!) Friday night at my mom's house. Since there's not a ton to do in the hometown, and I recently discovered an unused gift card for the cinema there (which we do not have here in the T.C.), we availed ourselves. Worth noting: the movie cost the three of us a total of $1.75 after the gift card. This followed a theme throughout the weekend (which I will blog more about in about....20 minutes.)

I've been looking forward to this movie since I heard a certain favorite singer of mine

was adding a song to the soundtrack.

I forewarned the girls that my butt would be in the seat until the end of "Say" and I would not rise until a moment sooner. I had a feeling it would be a closing credit song, and I was right. The song itself couldn't have been more perfect for the movie - a good buddy movie with two formidable actors in the lead roles (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman).

The movie was sad in a way, but probably about as uplifting as a movie about death can be. The point of the movie wasn't necessarily to exploit death, so much as it was to celebrate life, and really - shouldn't we all grab what we've got while we've got it to grab?

It's harder advice to put into practice than you might imagine...but good advice nonetheless.

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