Monday, January 7, 2008

Movie Review : Juno

Oh, what a cute movie!

Kate and I decided to take advantage of our last unplanned weekend and see a movie, and Juno was one we'd seen the preview for when we saw Dan In Real Life.

The first thing I can say about this movie is that it definitely lives up to its hype. The movie is brilliantly simple, and the cast is masterful. I must give definite props to Ellen Page in the title role of Juno, a pregnant teenager named after a Greek goddess. She owns the role with disaffected teenage bravado, frank dialog and a general air of like, whatever, pervading her attitude. The beauty of Page's perfomance comes in her eyes. This actress manages to give Juno's character a deep seated fear, and it comes across in her face and her eyes - it's honestly one of the few times I've actually seen a character's soul come out from such an internal place in an actor.

Her eyes say it all: I'm pregnant, and a teenager, and damnit, I'm scared. With all the recent talk of Jamie Lynn Spears and teenage pregnancy, and whatnot, Juno makes the toughest choice possible. After opting not to go through an abortion (portrayed in what might possibly the most moving and funny, yes funny, scene ever set in an abortion clinic), she finds adoptive parents in the PennySaver ads.

I loved this movie, bottom line. Matter of fact, I'm waiting for it to hit the cheap cinema so I can see it again. The soundtrack was charming and perfect, and the film played like an independent, irreverent take on a serious issue. If 2008's movie year starts off like this, it'll be a tough call to decide my favorite, but I don't doubt Juno will be in my personal top ten.

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