Monday, January 28, 2008

Guitar Heroes

Concerts I Must See Live Before I Die:

1. Clapton
2. Springsteen
3. Santana The Ex, April 21, 2008
4. John Mayer (at a small club)
5. John Mayer Trio
6. Derek Trucks Band The Ex, April 21, 2008
7. Buddy Guy Legends, January 12, 2008
8. Bon Jovi
9. BB King
10. U2

I should probably just break down and go to the next Crossroads festival - wherever it might be, because it would knock off about 3/4 of this list, plus a whole bunch more. However, I'm liking the pick-and-choose of the individual gigs. I saw JM last summer at an amphitheatre (with a-may-zing seats) but I have yet to see the Trio, and I would love to see JM someplace like First Ave in Minneapolis, or even better, Eddie's Attic in the ATL. I doubt there will ever be shows at Eddie's like he did in December 2005, but I would seriously buy a plane ticket for a show like that.

Which leads me to my birthday wish for this year...

Saturday, June 28, 2008. Hyde Park, London.

Clapton headlines, Crow and Mayer support, plus I'm sure a ton of other support acts during the day.

Would I fly to London to check Clapton off my list? Maybe.

Would I fly to London to check Clapton off my list if JM is also playing? Youbetchersweetbippy I would!!!

Especially since something like this would not likely pass without some sort of encore or collab or on-stage appearance involving JM and EC together...and since Steve Jordan often plays with Clapton...let's just say that little gig is RIFE with possibility.

The downside to this is that JM will be in London during prime touring season this summer - not to say that there won't be a full-scale tour again, but perhaps it's going to start later than most of us anticipated. Hoping this means there's a record coming this fall...and a fall/winter tour to support it.

And that will be worth the wait.

Last note: #3 and #6 on the list - check as of this morning. 12th row at the Ex in St. Paul. DTB is opening for Senor Carlos.
Oye como va!

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Kate said...

I'll go to U2 with you! And I'd even tag along to London - but you can go see JM yourself. I'll go visit Shakespeare.