Sunday, January 27, 2008

Contracts Class Was Totally Worth It Today

People Magazine, I heart you.

Behold, gentle readers and friends, the origin of my fangirl tendencies.

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Jen said...

Oh my dad!!! No freakin' way.

Remember that VH1 show from a few years ago where Ahmer would try to resurrect bands from the past, they would rehearse and then perform one show only?

Well, Danny and Jonathan refused and Joe would only do it if everyone else did. It was crazy. I think Jordan was the only one who signed up immediately.

Anywhooooo...interesting news. Should be good times with a bunch of 30 something women singing Step by Step at the top of their lungs. hahahahaha

PS...this was the intro to my fangirldom as well. :cough:NKOTB sheets:cough: :-)