Sunday, December 2, 2007


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If you want to know a little about me (since I missed the boat on the "tell me about yourself" Holidailies prompt yesterday) you can check my first post, which is still oven-fresh after only a couple months.


Today is going to be a mashup of random thoughts...because I can't think too much today about things other than law school.

I am really, really digging Roster McCabe right now. One of my law school buddies turned me on to them (he's roommates with a couple of the bandies) and they need to be signed to a major record label and unleashed upon the world, toute de suite.

I'm going swimming after class with a couple of fellow 1L's. This is my first time in the pool since Danskin. Hopefully I'm still seaworthy.

Class is such a freakin' waste of time sometimes.

I wish there was a Starbucks on my way to school. Either that, or I wish my husband would stop forgetting to bring in the thermal travel mugs from his car- we have a bunch and they end up collecting in there until I retrieve them.

I need to put my school sticker up in my rear window.

I need to get Minnesota license plates and a Minnesota driver's license.

I really, really dig my law school friends. We talk, we study, we laugh...we buy each other lunch, we commisserate. Hard to believe I barely knew them three months ago, and last year, they were faceless strangers. Now we're planning the Chicago roadtrip and there's talk of a post-graduation week long vacation someplace warm- either a beach or a boat (either option involving copious amounts of alcohol). All of my classmates are cool in their own ways...but the six of us have managed to make a little tribe of freaks and geeks. They are a tremendous source of comfort to me- as (relatively) close as I am to the hometown, I'm still in a foreign land here...getting my bearings and learning my way.

I've been Facebooking. A lot. More than I probably should.

My daughter has taken a liking to combing my hair at night, as I sit on the couch in front of my laptop, writing or studying or surfing. She climbs up behind me and sits on the back of the couch, the big blue wide-tooth comb in her hand. I take down my ponytail and as long as she doesn't tug, it's quite soothing.

The best five minutes of my day yesterday: waking up in a haze in the middle of my bed, my husband curled up behind me, my daughter snuggled in on my arm. I floated there on a cloud for a few minutes, fighting the urge to invite the world in for another day. Bliss.

this morning, there's a calm I can't the time I recognize this moment, the moment will be gone...but I will bend a light pretending...that it somehow lingers on... - JM, Clarity

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Kate said...

Aww, that's so sweet!