Thursday, December 6, 2007

Friends, Part I

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Friendship is such an integral part of life.

I wrote a few days ago about how much I dig my law school friends. We are in the midst of our first set of finals right now, a mere 39 hours away from staring down the beast known as the Civil Procedure I final. We are holding each other up by strings, testing each other with flashcards, busily quizzing via email, outlines flying across the Internet like so much detritus...our inboxes are virtual landfills of choice gems regarding long-arm jurisdiction and the effects test represented in Calder v. Jones. We are rife with details on how International Shoe placed a minimum contacts test upon personal jurisdiction as relates to foreign defendants. We can even tell you what in rem, quasi in rem and in personam jurisdictions are. Not that you'd really care to know, except if you are our Civ Pro professor.

A three hour final determines 25% of our first semester GPAs, and we're all at different stages of acceptance, denial, panic and terror. I'm told all of this is perfectly normal for the end of first semester, 1L year.

In order to get my mind off of Civ Pro for about 30 seconds (when can you motion to quash service again? And why is it important? Rules of alienage?) I'm going to post some pictures of my law school friends, and tell you a bit about them. I don't think they'll least, I hope not. Susi was gracious enough to take them last week after our civ pro review session. They are easily some of the smartest and funniest people I know.

This is Jon. He's not as scary as he looks here. He's very, very witty, has a killer iPod, and is dating the lovely and talented Julia, whom he calls "honey" on the phone in front of us.

This is Ric. He's a filmmaker, IT tech guy, writer and stand-up comic. He tells stories about his crazy family and wants to be a criminal defense lawyer, like his dad. Ric and I have had some surprisingly deep conversations, and he's someone I can relate to...we're both used to being gifted in the classroom, and now we're both fighting off the words academic probation. He's really not as constipated as he looks here.

The Other Kate. Somehow I ended up as "Kate" and she ended up "The Other Kate." Usually for me, it's the other way around...I'm never the main Kate if there's more than two of us. We've been bonding a lot recently- we're finding out just how much we have in common beyond our name...we have been yin-and-yanging over the last couple of weeks. She's got a wry wit, when she lets it show.

Susi is just plain awesome. She is a gamer girl who wants to be a lawyer for the EFF and is currently rejoicing in the fact that Jack Thompson is in his second week of disbarment hearings. She's a metal head, plays Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and is straight on unapologetic. One of the most honest souls I've ever met. She's also a badass swimmer and is doing the Danskin with me next summer. She's dating a metal boy called Jeremy, whom we have yet to meet. I suppose that rather sounds like she should be bringing him home to meet the parents.

And I suppose it's high time you got to see here goes nothing:

I'm laughing because, as Jon says, somebody stuck a quarter in me and then walked away. I laugh harder and easier around this group of people than...well...probably most anybody, with the exception of my college girls. But they are a different blog entry.

This is living out loud, personified. They are blessings, personified. You know you have a special connection when all you have to do to have a good time is pull a camera out in the law school parking lot, then repair to the local soup and sandwich place for 90 minutes of lunch and conversation in multiple languages. (Somehow I ended up telling Kate something in both Spanish and German at the same time. I suppose I would be alright with that if I were in Argentina, but in Minnesota? Not so much.)

They make my law school life so much better.

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