Thursday, June 26, 2008


1. Am I the only person in the world who haaaaaaaaaaaaaaates Jack Johnson?

2. Six days til Summerfest! Mayer, come to mama... It's been waaaaaay too long, baby. And my husband won't be there this time, so... ya know...

3. Seven days til The Lou. Oh hellz yeah.

4. So about a week ago, I went to the doc and they drew about eight vials of blood and made me pee in a cup. And they told me the pee was bad bad bad, and I had to drink a ton of water and cranberry juice and do a seven day course of antibiotics and avoid certain horizontal adult fun activities with my husband, for fear of INFECTING HIM with THE INFECTION. All this, despite the fact that I had NO symptoms. I mean seriously - no weird funk, no weird goo, no burning. Maybe I just have a little bacterial alien hanging around between my legs, making raspberries at the lab monkeys at my doc's office. So NOW... I started my antibiotic course yesterday, and they are going to want to test me again after I'm done, and I'm out of town for a good week after that... so maybe I can wheedle my way into going in and peeing right before we leave for Summerfest. I hope so.

5. So without further ado... the reason I was giving the lab monkeys lots of fun fluids to play with...

Announcing... Kidney Bean Thompson. This picture was taken a few weeks ago at 9.5 weeks. I'm now just going on 12... past the first trimester and due round about the first week of January. Just another addition to the Summer of Awesome... and the reason why I'm not doing any triathons this summer.

Easy price to pay for the coolness ahead. I'll be back next year on the race course...even sweeter to do it post partum. And yeah, I'll be one of those tri-moms who grabs her kids and runs across the line with them. For me - one big, one small, and all happy. The girl will be six when the bean is born. I was six when my sis was born - pretty cool. She'll be an awesome big sister.

For the next six months or so, I'll be gestating, and telling the boy to carry my backpack to school for me, and probably getting all pregnanty-looking, and hopefully figuring out if the bean is a girl or a boy... and having a perfectly lovely excuse to send the boy out for all manner of weird foods at all hours of the day and night, and hopefully telling my mother and in-laws and family to lay off with the visitation. (That's another thing I'm not hip to - the whole WE NEEEEEEEEEED TO SEEEEEEEE THE BAY-BEEEEEEE NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! thing. Geez. Let me get my stitches out and establish a damned breastfeeding pattern before you invade. A week is NOT too long to wait to see a new baby!) (And yes, stitches = c-section. I had one last time and my track record on going into labor on my own is 0-1. I'm told my docs won't induce a v-bac, so yeah. Most likely headed for the OR again.)

I'll update on this when I feel the need - so far I have to remind myself I'm pregnant and, with the exception of a low back ache, a little growth cramping, and one rather nasty occurrence of puking up an empty stomach, I've pretty much sailed through these first few months. Trust me when I say I'm not a touchy-feely pregnant lady, nor do I wax poetic about the whole "magic" and "wonder" of "new life."

Frankly, I prefer knocked up.

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