Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, My Gosh... SO Much Awesome

Nashville recap:

1. Nashville was cool. Loved seeing the in-laws, and the FIL continues to make progress - he had back and knee surgeries awhile ago. Not easy to keep working on when your lifestyle is sedentary. But I'm proud of what he's done and how he has kept his spirits up.

2. Got to see Candi - an old coworker, former carpool buddy, and more importantly - a good friend. I'm astounded we've not lost touch, but with friends like Candi, all you have to do is drop a line every now and again and you can pick right back up with life and laughs. We met for lunch at Opry Mills and I brought the girl with me. We even let her ride the carousel in the food court, and got lots of visiting done. Candi was my carpool buddy when I was pregnant with the girl, so she went through all my ups and downs with me - and I was so grateful for her companionship. She's such a great person and I wish we could see more of each other.

3. Played lots of Euchre. (That's YOO-ker for you non Midwesterners.) It's a family tradition - my in-laws played with my husband's grandparents, and we now play with them. I have no doubt we'll teach the girl how to play - and it's a fun, fast paced game. Even better - we always play men v. women, and the women almost never win! Well, this go-round, the women DOMINATED 7-2. Even better - we got to watch them grumble and squirm... which is probably the best part. :)


Since Nashville, I've gotten some more cool stuff under my belt. Jen informed me that Matt Nathanson is playing in Milwaukee the night I'm supposed to drive back through after spending the 4th in St. Louis. My JM tix for Milwaukee arrived on Friday, and my STL stickets are sitting at the post office awaiting my pickup (which will happen in a few short moments.) I downloaded the tape from JM's Amsterdam concert last night and... just... guh. I didn't know it was possible for him to sound even better than last summer, but WOW. Amazing. The tape quality is amazing too - so much respect for the fan who got that tape (and posted it so quickly!!)

Hmmm... what else?

Went boating yesterday with the girl, Jon and Julia, on Kate's parents' boat on the St. Croix. It was really fun - and the girl had a huge grin on her face when she sat in front of the boat and Kate opened up the throttle and really let the boat go...she wasn't scared at all. (If this is an indication of the girl's capacity for thrill seeking, I'm doomed.)

AND! A theatre up in Coon Rapids is playing "Where The Light Is" on June 30... theatre-style. So not only do I get to see it before the DVD release...I get to see it ON THE BIG SCREEN and listen to the music in surround sound. Oh I GEEKED!

This week? Academia rears its ugly head as I must work ahead on P.R. and get my Theories paper written by Thursday. However, the payoff will be sweet as next week the girl and I head out on our road trip - Milwaukee, hometown, St. Louis, then home. Fourth of July, here we come!!

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