Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer of Awesome, Part Deux

An update, if you will!

The Summer of Awesome is going just swimmingly!!! With three of four grades in for spring break, I can say confidently that I did MUCH better this last semester than I did in Fall. Add in the experience of been-there-done-that as well as a serious uptick in effort and assistance request, and school is looking better than it ever did. Here's an update on my Declaration of Awesome for the summer.

I hereby declare the upcoming season, colloquially known as summer, lasting generally from Memorial Day Weekend (commencing on or about May 24, 2008) through Labor Day Weekend (ending on or about September 1, 2008) to be the Summer of Awesome.

The Summer of Awesome shall involve the following events:

1. A visit from Jordana and Todd

CHECK. J&T made their way to the TC just before Memorial Day weekend, and a lovely time was had by all, including a free meal at Joe's Garage (with the most insanely delicious tall chocolate cake evaaarrr...

2. A trip to Phoenix with Kate, the girl, the mom and the sister for four days' respite, sleep, pool lounging, spa pampering, shopping and general laziness in order to shake off the rigors of a year of law school and the Most Stupidest Winter Ever.

CHECK. See entry below, re: Pa-Hoe-Nix.

3. A quick bout of summer school, ending on or about June 5.

CHECK. I have yet to write the paper, and I have committed to an additional on-line class, but nothing I can't handle.

4. A visit to Tennessee to see the in-laws.

Up next...we will have liftoff on Friday morning. (Note to self, check on parking alternatives.)

5. A roadtrip to Summerfest to possibly see AKeys on 7/1 and DEFINITELY see JM 7/2.

6. Continuation of said roadtrip to the S-T-L to party with the sister, see JM 7/3, and watch the fireworks over the Mighty Mississippi from Gateway Park.

7. A quick return home, then a roadtrip to Danskin Chicagoland with Sooz 7/12-7/13.

8. A quick return home, then yet another roadtrip to Chicago to meet up with girls from all over the nation, flying in to meet up in the Windy City for JM 7/18, and a girls' weekend downtown to follow.

9. My first Olympic tri on 8/2 - 8/3 in Duluth. On hold for now, for reasons to be explained at a later date.

10. My 2L year starting on 8/9.

11. Y camp for the girl at a drastically reduced rate (and only when we need it!) approximately three days a week, and getting to keep her at home with me twice a week to do fun mom/daughter stuff.

Check - she's registered and starts next week!

12. Campaigning for Franken, hopefully for a bit of law school credit.

13. Minnesota State Fair the last weekend of August, winding up on Labor Day.

There are now a few additions, which will make the summer even MORE awesome (as if that were possible, really...) And on a completely unrelated note: our stimulus check arrived! Woo! Now I get to deposit it...and write a big fat check to school for my summer school tuition. Oh, the joys of paying for school out of pocket!!

Also on deck: exciting news on the homefront, possible additions to the live music schedule, and eight more weeks of unadulterated AWESOME!!!

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