Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wir Hat Ein Audi Gekaufte!

Das ist mein Audi. Es ist grün. Es muss eine ordentliche deutsche Name. Vielleicht werde ich es Lars Namen. Oder vielleicht Johann. Ich weiss es nicht.

The last thing I thought I'd be doing in law school is buying a car. However, the car above is not only sweet, and was not only a super-sweet deal, it was an opportunity that we could not pass up. Kate's dad was selling his old Audi, since he bought a new one, and I happened to see it last week when we went out on Kate's boat.

I mentioned it to the boy, he said "sure, let's check it out!" 90 minutes on the phone secured the financing and the insurance, and three hours later, I shook the man's hand and we were the proud parents of a 1999 Audi A6. (Which according to Arthur Miller is a VW with a glandular problem. That's a civ pro joke. If you got it, you've been to law school. If you didn't...ehhh... move on.)

I have high hopes for this car - though it has high mileage, I think it will last at least another 100-150K, and if we switch off driving it, it should be fine. Plus, I would not be embarrassed to show up to work at a law firm as an attorney driving this car. Audis have a timeless look to them - and they are fuuuuuuuuuun to drive. The 2.8L V6 might have a little something to do with that.

In any case, we'll sell one of our cars, and we have a short term loan on the car so it'll be paid off pretty quickly. And I mean seriously... look at it:

Ich bin ein Präzisions-Instrument der deutsche Maschinenbau. Du wirst mich lieben.

Edited to add: his name is Heinrich.