Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Restatement 2nd, Summer of Awesome

In an effort to stay current on the happenings of the Summer of Awesome, I am restating the Declaration of Awesome. (A restatement in legal terms is a book of commonly accepted theories and rules applicable to a portion of law, written by an expert in the field, such as a professor or other legal scholar. They are regularly used in court opinions and insofar as they are not legislation, nor are they court opinion, they define the law.) Here then, the 2nd Restatement of the Summer of Awesome:

I hereby declare the upcoming season, colloquially known as summer, lasting generally from Memorial Day Weekend (commencing on or about May 24, 2008) through the middle of September (ending on or about September 8, 2008) to be the Summer of Awesome.

The Summer of Awesome shall involve the following events:

1. A visit from Jordana and Todd. CHECK.

2. A trip to Phoenix. CHECK.

3. A quick bout of summer school, ending on or about June 5. CHECK.

4. A visit to Tennessee to see the in-laws. CHECK. (Entry forthcoming.)

5. A roadtrip to Summerfest to possibly see AKeys on 7/1 and DEFINITELY see JM 7/2. On deck. If you just heard a fangirly "squeee", then you are in the right place.

6. Continuation of said roadtrip to the S-T-L to party with the sister, see JM 7/3, and watch the fireworks over the Mighty Mississippi from Gateway Park.

7. A quick return home, then a roadtrip to Danskin Chicagoland with Sooz 7/12-7/13.

8. A girls' weekend in Chicago, with many girls from all over the nation, flying in to meet up in the Windy City for JM 7/18. I am now flying to Chicago rather than driving. Who needs a car in Chicago anyway?

9. My first Olympic tri on 8/2-8/3 in Duluth. On hold.

10. My 2L year starting on 8/9. Possibly 8/16?)

11. Y camp for the girl at a drastically reduced rate (and only when we need it!) approximately three days a week, and getting to keep her at home with me twice a week to do fun mom/daughter stuff. Started today. She looked happy to be there and like she would have lots of fun.

12. Campaigning for Franken, hopefully for a bit of law school credit. No credit, but some volunteer time is definitely on the radar screen.

13. Minnesota State Fair the last weekend of August, winding up on Labor Day.


14. The possibility of seeing Matt Nathanson in Milwaukee on 7/5 as I drive back through from St. Louis. Love Matty Nay. LOVE.

15. Flying down to Florida over Labor Day weekend to see JM with Jen in Tampa and West Palm Beach. (Yes, that brings my Mayer show total to 5 this summer.)

16. Seeing the girl off to kindergarten on September 8, 2008. (Incidentally, J&T's first anniversary.)

The awesomeness just keeps adding on!!

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