Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Wonder of It All Is That You Just Don't Realize How Much I Love You

So I have this husband.

Who is amazing.

We met as teenagers...in high school...in yearbook class. I was a senior, he was a junior. I wore a sweater and Birkenstocks, and he had a ponytail and an impressive collection of Nirvana tee shirts. It was hardly love at first sight for me, but he said I had him at "please pass the pica ruler."

I was the first person he ever knew who wore a toe ring.

He was so, so shy.

We dated. We kissed. We went to Prom (twice.) We took the ACTs together. We fell in love, harder and deeper than I ever imagined possible. I had boyfriends before him...he had never so much as held hands with another girl.

I went to college and he stayed behind.

He never let me go.

This time of year reminds me of our first date...it was 13 years ago, and we went to the Homecoming dance together. It was cold, but he gave me his coat, as every high school gentleman does, when he means it.

He came to my sorority formal my senior year of college, armed with a diamond ring.

I said yes.

We were married on a windy spring day just after my 22nd birthday. Our yearbook teacher danced at our wedding. We bought a little white house with our wedding money, and got down to the business of marriage.

Parenthood followed three years later.

Now, we've sold our little white house and moved hours and hours away from our beginning, and he's still holding my hand and loving me as much as he ever did. It's the next chapter in our lives, this law school business of mine, one I was never sure would ever happen, and one he never doubted.

I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

You are most certainly a blessed young lady... every time I hear about love like the one that you have, I can do nothing but wish that I could have the same... one day.

Kate said...

I wish and hope the same for you...whoever you are. Thank you. :)