Friday, October 26, 2007

Break Out The Winter Clothes

Fall has arrived in Minnesota!

I stepped outside this morning to take the girl to school, and instantly felt the chill of late fall. I immediately turned us around, went back into the house and bundled the girl up in a scarf, hat and mittens, and zipped-in the zip-out liner in her coat. She looked at her getup (pink jacket, pink and purple accessories with red hearts) and said the following:

"Mommy! I'm very pink today!"

"Yes, you sure are. But very cute."

Maintaining radio silence for the near future...the next six weeks of school should be hectic and insane, at best.

In the ears: Continuum

On the laptop: Closed Memo for LRW I. Rough draft due tomorrow.

House: Disastrous.

On the TV: nothing for the next few weeks.

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