Friday, May 16, 2008

Since Last We Spoke...

...I survived my finals. Nowhere near a knock-out-of-the-ballpark, but I feel somewhat better about them than I did last semester. And now begins the waiting game - horrible to feel that uneasy queasiness in your feeling, for a good month.

...I am officially a rising 2L. That feels SO good. There is no station lowlier in life (beyond that of "freshman" in any circumstance) than that of a 1L. We hear all the time how life gets easier second year, and yet, we also hear how we will yearn for the easy days of Contracts and Torts. I don't think I will ever yearn for Contracts - sorry, Professor B.

...I turned 31. I had a fantastic birthday, courtesy of the boy and my law school besties. My SIL got me two tabloids with JM on the cover and a book. Yay for printed reading material!! We celebrated with a bowling party - something I've always wanted to do but never had the opportunity. Jon (and the lovely and talented Julia), Sooz, Kate, Derek, SIL, the boy and the girl all came out and rolled like The Big Lebowski. Good thing it wasn't Shabbos. Derek even ordered a White Russian in honor of the evening's theme.

...I celebrated Mother's Day. The girl was wonderful enough to wish me a very happy one, and the boy was kind enough to wrangle her so I could have a (relatively) peaceful morning before heading off to school for our last study session and final. It was a lovely spring Minnesota morning - just a touch of chill in the early morning air, but the sun was high and warm, and I had a smile on my face. Not much better than that.

After my final, most of the kids went on the party bus that had been rented for our after-1L debauchery. However, Kate and I chose to stay behind and head back to Casa Thompson for some pizza, R&R and Rock Band. It was all good.

...The girl had her preschool spring program. She was the narrator for her class, and she stood, dressed in one of her finest spring frocks, at the lecturn in the church, spoke clearly and slowly into the microphone and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar whilst her classmates acted out the book's actions. It was terribly cute and I was so amazingly proud of her - she's had her daddy's shy streak for ages and this was the first inclination I've had that she's got a touch of the outgoing. She basically memorized the book but she did it without any prompting from her teacher.

...JM got himself a new girlfriend. This one probably has the highest profile of all of them - and this is new territory because he is 9 years younger than she. He's always dated younger women, and by appearances, always seemed to be the more dominant personality in the relationship. Not that the women he's dated are wet noodles by any means - but this one is older, more experienced, and seems to know exactly what she wants. I think this might be what he needs - he's young and coltish, but he's been very public about his desire for a wife and family, and given his background, it's no surprise. I think if he falls hard enough, she might be the one to kick his ass and get him to settle down. I also think that if it's going to happen, it'll happen pretty quickly since she doesn't have kids and when you're 39, I'm told you can feel your ovaries shriveling.

...The Summer of Awesome has officially kicked off. As I write this, I am sitting at my mother's house in the hometown, the girl has had breakfast and I'm headed up to take a shower, and then go shopping. We arrived last night and I got to see Jordana for a bit, and I'm just relaxing. I think I'm going to head down to the lake today for some rejuvenation, and then the girl and I are going to just do some serious goofing off. We'll head home after the weekend - I have a feeling I will miss the boy too much if I stay any longer.

Next up? Phoenix, then Theories of Conflict for four days. In the meantime, spring cleaning the house - I'm going to try and reclaim another couple areas of the house. I'm also going to go through all the girl's clothes and thin the herd. (And trust me, it's a herd worth thinning. The child has more clothes than the law allows, and has since before she was born.)

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