Thursday, May 29, 2008


Oh, Summer of Awesome, you have fruitfully blessed me, despite your youth. I shall sing your high praises and write ballads to your awesomeness. I shall remember that you have another 10 weeks of awesomeness to give, and I will not forget the awesomeness you have already given.

You are indeed, an Awesome Summer.

Round about Spring Break, my mother offered me a spot at her timeshare in Phoenix, right after finals. The idea was a girls' weekend, with no agenda. Fun and relaxation. No pressure. After confirming a spot was open for Kate to be included, we booked our plane tickets and reminded ourselves on a near-weekly basis of the impending trip. We also booked ourselves in at an amazingly awesome spa and counted down the days. "We're going to go sleep in the desert for four days!!" "And go to the SPA!!!" "And THAW OUT!!" Color these two Midwestern girls excited - and I doubt we could have done better in our reward for finishing up our first year of law school. The facial ALONE was worth the spa trip.

I will never forget laying under the shade umbrella, lounging next to the pool at the spa, drinking in the desert mountain scenery and feeling the warm, yet perfect weather. I took a lot of mental pictures that day - and the feeling of warmth that imbued my skin and head will be there in my head, bottled up for the winter days ahead. Ahhhhhhh...Phoenix.

The Mom and The Girl

The Kates on Vacation

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