Sunday, February 17, 2008

Movie Review: Definitely, Maybe

Kate and I went to the movies last night - she and I seem to be each other's regular cinema date, and honestly - it's nice to have a friend with similar movie tastes. The boy can only take so many romantic comedies, and I have absolutely no interest in sci-fi/fantasy/horror stuff.

Anyway, the nice thing about this movie was that it was just left of formulaic. I honestly had no real clue as to the identity of Abigail Breslin's mother until right before the reveal. I also made another little discovery: not only is Ryan Reynolds growing into himself as a leading man, but he really endeared himself to me by playing a father in this movie. He's around my age, and he's cuuuuuuuuuute.

This one easily put Ryan Reynolds on my List. If you don't know about The List...well, that's for another blog entry.

Overall, it was a cute movie and a nice diversion for an evening in the middle of the semester. I'm a sucker for a romantic comedy, especially one that features Nirvana on the soundtrack.

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