Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Things roll on in the life of me; not much to say other than it's still cold, I'm still in law school, and everything is copacetic.

Being on an even keel is a good thing. After the emotional upwelling of last week, it's nice to have a little in the way of normalcy. I'm finding my energy level to be up a bit, and I think I'm getting a handle on things. Doesn't prevent me from still being a bit overwhelmed at the demands of law school, but it's good to know what's required, and have the wherewithal to handle it.

I started SparkPeople, and I can already tell that my eating is getting better. Just the mechanics of sitting down and figuring out how many slices of pizza I can have. I don't feel like I'm really changing what I eat, so much as changing how much I eat and drinking a LOT of water.

I also re-started Couch to 5K yesterday, and I figure I'm about at week 3 or so - I did 5 minute repetitions of 3 minutes walking, 2 minutes running on the treadmill. I did well - I made it through to the end without killing myself, but it was still a challenge. I think I will stick with that through the weekend and then up it to a 2/3 iteration. If I remember my watch, I'll go run on the track, but for now, the treadmill makes it easy for me to mark time.

In the course of a week I've lost almost 4 pounds. I don't think it's easy by any means, and I know that my body is readjusting. But I also know that I've got a goal and I'm sticking to it, and I have something to work toward. It's also nice to have a couple of friends who are keeping me motivated; Kate and Sooz are working out with me after class on the weekends, and I have the pool hours - so I just need to adjust my schedule so I can go swim over the lunch hour.

New Year, indeed!

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