Friday, March 19, 2010

Guitar Heroes, Redux

Concerts I Must See Live Before I Die:

1. Clapton
2. Springsteen
3. Santana The Ex, April 21, 2008
4. John Mayer (at a small club)
5. John Mayer Trio The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, December 31, 2009
6. Derek Trucks Band The Ex, April 21, 2008
7. Buddy Guy Legends, January 12, 2008
8. Bon Jovi
9. BB King
10. U2

Update: there WILL be a Crossroads in Chicago this year...since I missed London last summer, there's probably no better chance to see Clapton and BB King, as well as JM and Buddy Guy again.

U2 is coming to the Twin Cities this summer, and Bon Jovi has a concert scheduled for next month at the Ex. However, U2 sold out in like 2 minutes and I haven't heard great things about the Jove this time out. We'll see. Seems like I could probably go to the Ex and get a ticket if I felt the need.

As for Mayer at a small club? Fingers crossed for next month in Chicago...that maybe he pops up someplace and plays a few chords.

In other news, David Ryan Harris had to cancel his show at Schuba's earlier this week, so that leaves my Friday night in Chicago open next month. I was recently informed that my high school classmate Matt is in a play with John Mahoney and they have a show that Friday night, so that's a possibility. Either way, a good time will be had, because it's Chicago, and that's just the way Chicago is.

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Mara said...

I used to be such an enormous U2 fan I did my own fanzine. (Fan Magazine) Of course, with the rise of the interwebs Fanzine's became obsolete and fanpage websites became the rage. Not nearly as much fun. It was also at about that time that U2 started charging ridiculous amounts for one of their shows. The last show I went to I paid $135 to sit on the back curve of the stadium, Bono was less than an inch big. He'd forgotten the promise he once made to keep ticket prices within reason. That was the moment I lost my love for U2. I've never regretted it, nor have I seen them perform, since.